Welcome to My Best Friend!

Updated: Nov 17

This is where I will be posting helpful tips, educational materials, and likely some of my own opinions.

I have worked with children for so many years and supporting families in many different ways. One of the gaps I see regularly is postpartum care...Its very minimal. I recently became a mother myself and let me tell you, my birth was not what I expected and neither was the healing.

Mamas need our support so much in the first few weeks. Our bodies are leaking, and healing, and painful, and itchy, and we don't feel clean or rested, ever... But it gets better! In the meantime, let us help you get those extra Z's, and a good long shower, catch up on the laundry and dishes, or entertain your other children for a while!

Our goal is to be your Best Friend for the first 6 weeks of parenthood. Lets make a great start to your new family! -Shannon

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